Standard k-mean Algorithm implemented in python

link to know — what is standard k-mean algorithm

Here is 1st a Point class –

from math import sqrt
class Point(object):
def __init__(self, x, y):
def distance(self, other):
return sqrt(( self.x - other.x)**2 +( self.y - other.y)**2)
def __add__(self,p):
localx = self.x + p.x
localy = self.y + p.y
return Point(localx, localy)
def __truediv__(self, p):
self.x = self.x / p
self.y = self.y / p
return self
def __repr__(self):
return str(self.x) +' '+ str(self.y)

Here is Cluster class for clustering based on points near to center point.

class Cluster(object):
def __init__(self, x, y): = Point(x, y)
self.points = []

def update(self):
temp=Point(0, 0)
for point in self.points:
temp += point
print(len(self.points)) = temp/count
self.points = []
def add_point(self, point):

Here is Compute Class in which we did all stuff of calculating dist

def compute_result(points):
points = [Point(*point) for point in points]
a = Cluster(1,0)
b = Cluster(-1,0)
a_old = []
for _ in range(10000): # max iterations
for point in points:
if point.distance( < point.distance(
# add the right point
# add the right point
if a_old == a.points:
a_old = a.points
return [(,, (,]

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Research Machine Learning Engineer

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